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CEUs (RID Approved)

Thursday, March 26th
6-8 pm MDT
Deaf Doctor's Take on Anatomy: How to Effectively Interpret the Doctor's Appointment
Zachary Featherstone D.O.  .2 PS
Friday, March 27th
9am-12pm MDT
Lost in Time: Lost in Transitions
Donna Flanders .3 PS
1pm-3pm MDT
Managing Migration to At-Home Video Remote Interpreting
Anne Leahy & Rhonda Jacobs .2 PS
1-4pm MDT
What To Do With Information Learned While Interpreting: An Ethical Discussion Cody Simonsen .3 PS/PPO

5-7pm MDT
Ripples in the Water: How My Conduct Affects the Profession
Sam Farley .2 PS
Saturday, March 28th
9am-12pm MDT
The Cool ASL Slang that You will Want to Know!
Edna Johnston .3 PS
9am-12pm MDT

Communities of Practice: Lessons Learned from my Doctoral Research Project
Teddi Von Pingel .3 PS


1pm-4pm MDT
High Stakes Interpreting: Steady Hands and Calm Heart
Dale Boam
.3 PS


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