Tricks of the Trade: Skills I wish I learned long before I learned them

Image of Dale Boam J.D.
Presented By: Dale Boam J.D.
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2021
Time: 1pm-4pm MST/3pm-6pm EST
RID CEUs: 0.3 PS

Workshop Description:

There is interpreting and then there is being an interpreter. The day to day life of an interpreter is filled with little negotiations and big decisions that require skills they don’t have time to teach in ITPs. Skills that, if you learn them, make it easier less stressful to be an interpreter so you can focus on interpreting.

Dale Boam will walk though some of the basic “tricks of the trade” that he has learned over 30 years. Skills that he wish he knew when he started. Some are skill sets, like using space to control time (when the speaker jumps back and forth in time during the presentation). Some are more soft skills, like how to find out who has the power to fix an issue so you don’t have to tell the same story over and over when people pass you to someone else. How to increase your chances of getting paid when you invoice. How to talk to a judge, or the police and get them to listen. How to say “no” without using the word no. How to figure out what is and is not the interpreter’s problem to fix. And many other tricks to make your life as an interpreter less complicated.


Presenter Bio:

Dale is a tenured Associate Professor of Deaf Studies at Utah Valley University and attorney advocating for persons who are Deaf.  Dale presents nationally on both interpreter education and legal advocacy and is the author of many papers on interpreting and the rights of people who are Deaf including: The Physics of Processing Time; Cohesion and Orphans in Interpretation; Legal Rights of Individuals with Disabilities: Law, Deafness and Personhood; Vote: The Power is in Your Hands; Making the ADA Effective for the Deaf Community; and Serving the Client Who is Deaf

Dale also works with arts organizations including the National Theatre of the Deaf, The Utah Opera Company, The Sundance Institute, The Wang Center for the Performing Arts, The Fulton Opera House and many other companies.

Dale grew up in Taylorsville, Utah, but has lived in Indianapolis, New York, Chicago and Boston.  Dale is nationally certified as an ASL interpreter and is licensed to practice law in both Utah and Massachusetts.  Dale was on the board of the 2007 Deaflympic Games and the organizing board for Deaf Studies, Today!, He is heavily involved with Deaf technology projects including and the Deaf World Library.


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