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Ethical Decisions and Better Business Practices: Justification vs. Validation - Taking the Higher Road (Archived) (3 hours)

Ethical Decisions and Better Business Practices: Justification vs. Validation - Taking the Higher Road (Archived) (3 hours)

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Workshop Language: Spoken English with optional Closed Captions

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Workshop Description:

Is it easy to disregard our tenets? Why? May we take an honest look at our own thoughts and values? – Let’s pause and “reflect.” In every aspect of our work, we justify our behavior and validate our expertise.

Does our Self-talk justify “less-than” professional behavior? 'It's ok that I am late this once. The client is never on time anyway.” - “I can catch a spin class and then make the appointment. They don’t care what their employees wear”, or “I’m too tired to prepare for this assignment” just because we can? Remember when the assignment was done with the attitude “to the best of my ability” everything clicked and everyone left smiling?? It does happen!

Ethical Awareness & Integrity in practice elevates our reputation among our colleagues, especially the longer we are in the field. Our name precedes us! We are NOT an island, free from exposure. In our transparent society our actions reflect ethical standards explicitly through our interpreting, and implicitly in our appearance and attitude. How earnest are you in understanding the CPC tenets?

Knowing the basis of our CPC brings power to your decisions. What work product decision feels safe to you? What educated changes can you make? Together, we will work with each of the CPC tenets, discuss shared experiences, and learn new Reflective Decision Making skills.

Educational Objectives:

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

(1) Categorize and explain ethical decisions to various situations using each of the Code of Professional Conduct tenets,
(2) Compare and contrast the difference between Better Business Practices and Ethical concerns,
(3) Recall the acronym of IPSE (relating to reflective decision making).

Presenter Bio:

Bonnie Faye has been interpreting for 40 years, and has been a public speaker for 25 years. Her agency, Pula Legal Interpreting (1997), specializes in tri-lingual assignments in Mental Health environments. This agency experience opened new perspectives on ethics. Bonnie is a Licensed Practitioner /Chaplin - (2007). Starting her career in education ECC, (1978), and freelanced until she joined the courts (1999) and added VRS (2004). Presently, Bonnie is the Team Trial interpreter with a Deaf District Attorney(2012). Owning Pula and working with Mentor/Mentee groups has brought the urgency of ethics to the forefront. “We really can shine professionally, depending on our own ethical practice!"

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