Expansion and Compression Techniques

Bryon Rowe headshot
Presented By: Bryon K Rowe
Date/Time: June 17, 2023 12-3pm MT
RID CEUs: 0.3 PS
Presentation Language: English

Workshop Description:

A powerpoint presentation introduces the concepts of Expansion and Compression techniques when interpreting to and from ASL – English.

Key concepts: Implicit to Explicit and reverse, Cultural & Linguistic mediation. What are High and Low context languages and how to interpret from one to the other. Analyzing what natural language in ASL – English appear like.

Techniques that will be practiced: Contrasting, Faceting, Reiteration, 3D space use, Explain by example, Scaffolding, conscious omission.

Small groups will analyze texts in English and ASL. Small groups will work together to apply techniques taught to create a richer interpretation.

Workshop Objectives:

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key differences in ASL and English that require expansion or compression techniques to be employed.
  • List and explain the 7 Features in Expansion and Compression
  • Produce interpretations applying the concepts presented.

              Presenter Bio:

              Bryon Rowe: I began learning Sign Language from my older Deaf cousin. He taught me much more than Sign Language. My Cousin taught me that you can communicate anything if you just have imagination and patience. He never fingerspelled to me just mimed and signed until I understood. In 1981 I began formal training in ASL and Interpreting. I did what most people with Deaf family members do; I “interpreted” in informal situations without knowing what I was doing. I have been interpreting full time since 1992. I have interpreted within religious, educational (pre-school to PHD level), medical, and community based settings. I interpreted in various locals; Pennsylvania, Washington DC, NYC and New Jersey.
              I attended Millersville University, Millersville PA. Was a; Certified Nurses Aid, Preschool Teacher, Pastor for a nondenominational Church, and 35 other part time jobs in a wide variety of settings.
              Since beginning interpreting I have maintained an average of 30 to 45 hours of training annually in Interpreting / Sign Language
              My first attempts at RID testing, I took and passed my RID Written test in
              12-1999, and then took my Certificate of Interpreting 10-2001, and lastly my Certificate of Transliterating 11-2001. I have also taken the Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment with a level of 5.00 Most recently took RID/NAD NIC and passed.
              I have been an active member of professional organizations; RID, PCRID,
              PARID, NAD, and Metro NYCRID, NJRID, NJAD

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