Lions and Tigers and Bears… (fill in the blank): Improving Closure Skills and Process Control

Image of Clint Behunin - Bald, white middle aged man is wearing a blue and white striped shirt and a backpack in front of a large body of water.
Presented By: Clint Behunin
Date: Friday, October 14, 2021
Time: 1:30pm-7pm MDT/3:30pm-9pm EDT
RID CEUs: 0.6 PS
Presentation Language: ASL

Workshop Description:

The goal of this workshop is to empower participants with the tools necessary to effectively recognize and utilize closure skills in order to formulate interpretations that are more accurate.  Process control and prediction techniques will be taught and practiced in this hands-on workshop in order to help participants better understand the importance of developing clozure skills and process control in their everyday interpreting work. 

Presenter Bio:

Clinton Behunin M.S. CI/CI EIPA Secondary Utah Professional

Clint’s professional career has afforded him a variety of opportunities as an interpreter as well as a college professor and has taught at five different universities all over the State of Utah specializing in interpreter education. He is currently a faculty member at Utah State University Blanding, teaching general Communication Studies courses. In addition to his work as an instructor, Clint has worked as a certified interpreter for over twenty years, specializing in everything and yet nothing at the same time. He is a frequent workshop presenter in both the interpreting and the Communication Studies fields, presenting at regional, national and international conferences. His academic and research interests have led him all over the world where he has had the opportunity to engage in deliberate practice through situated learning. His particular areas of research interest include Intercultural Communications, Discourse Analysis, Indigenous Studies, Gender Studies, and Situated Learning. Clint has a passion for teaching and has an insatiable drive to guide others on their own individualized learning paths.


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