Understanding Deaf Cultural Trauma & How if Affects Your Work

Presented By: Katie Murch
Date/Time: April 13th 1-4pm MT
Presentation Language: ASL

Workshop Description:

Deaf people were assistants to rulers, regarded as the finest editors in town, and the majority of instructors at Deaf schools for many years. This came crashing down in the late 1800's when a deficit ideology that framed Deaf people as incapable became the forefront. Ableist propaganda contributed to an increase in Deaf people's isolation, the prohibition of sign language, mass layoffs, and more negative effects. The ripple effect, also known as cultural trauma, is still deeply felt in the Deaf community.

Deaf people experience cultural trauma in physical, emotional, and mental ways that we may not yet comprehend. Hearing individuals are often unaware of how audism, or prejudice against the Deaf, affects productivity and economic prosperity. The impact is exacerbated with further deficit beliefs on other levels of identification. Everyone loses.
During this session, we look at important historical events and the impact of audism and trauma. Making connections between our personal journey and collective experiences allow us to be more effective leaders.

Workshop Objectives:

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define audism and identify one key historical event and factors that contribute to its perpetuation.
  • Explain the impact of audism on the Deaf Community and analyze how it is sustained.
  • Develop a framework for addressing cultural trauma in a culturally sensitive manner.

    Presenter Bio:

    Katie Murch is a visionary leader, accomplished business strategist, and passionate advocate for personal empowerment. With an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Katie brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her role as a dynamic speaker and thought leader. Audiences are drawn to Katie's captivating speaking style and unique ability to inspire action, making her presentations a must-attend for anyone seeking transformation and growth.

    Katie spearheads a digital organization, 52 Alliance, dedicated to empowering nonprofits and small businesses through strategic systems and valuable resources. Katie also shares invaluable research and insights on living a purpose-driven life with her followers. Katie's engaging approach has helped countless individuals overcome obstacles and succeed personally and professionally.

    As a former Miss Deaf Texas and runner-up to Miss Deaf America, Katie has long been recognized for her leadership efforts. Her journey has taken her to esteemed organizations such as The Aspen Institute, SXSW, Comcast, Snowmass Tourism, Junior Achievement, and the National Association of the Deaf, where she has made a lasting impact through her strategic vision and commitment to excellence.

    Katie's accolades include awards such as Best Salesperson, Best Presenter, and recognition from the Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement. Her innovative leadership style has even earned her the title "The Profit," inspired by Marcus Lemonis, for her transformative work.

    Beyond her professional pursuits, Katie finds joy in life’s simple pleasures—exploring the pages of a book, creating culinary delights in the kitchen, or enjoying the serenity of the night sky from her backyard hammock with her beloved Pomeranian. Originally hailing from beautiful locales like Berkeley and Aspen, she now calls Austin, Texas, her home.

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